5 Designs Jan 20, 2014

Here are the 5 creative designs of the week.


The concept behind this design is for anti-theft. This design is creative because it found the solution to pestering bullies. It make the sandwich look like is has been expired and is undesirable.

Link: http://design-milk.com/anti-theft-lunch-bags/


This design is creative because it took the concept of a four-wheel board and turned it into a 12-mph one-wheel board. Although the concept is still in prototyping, the designers mixed the act of a hover-board with the concept of skateboard to create this design. They say the effect is to feel like your floating.

Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/4422853/onewheel-the-self-balancing-electric-skateboard


This bike is meant for the active person with stuff to lug around. It’s creative because it’s an semi-affordable way to bring large or wonky items with you on a bike. The designer found the solution for the problem of bring a dog, huge box, groceries or whatever on a bike trip.

Link: http://www.core77.com/blog/transportation/a_pedal-powered_packmule_exclusive_interview_with_donky_bike_designer_ben_wilson_23825.asp


This design is creative because it fixes the problem of having too many credit cards, gift cards and debit cards. It blends them all into one convenient black card that can be switched and swiped for whatever spending situation you are in. It’s still in prototyping mode but I’m excited for it to come out because I purchased one for my Dad.

Link: https://onlycoin.com/


This design is innovative because it mixes solar panels with clothing to make apparel that is sustainable and eco-friendly. It is creative because it solves part of the solution to use less fossil fuels and instead use solar energy to charge electric devices such as iPhones and tablets. As of now, these coast can charge a phone half way when wore outside in the sun for an hour.

Link: http://design-milk.com/wearable-solar-clothing-charges-smartphone/


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