5 Designs Jan 26, 2014

Here are the 5 creative designs for the week.


This is a clock designed from nixie tubes and can display the time, date, and temperature of the room. Overall, it is creative because it was designed to have sentimental and aesthetic value. It also has character that others tube designs do not.

Link: http://www.core77.com/blog/kickstarter/duncan_hellmers_nixie-tube-based_blub_clock_26320.asp#more


LollaCup is creative because it is innovative. It is a toddler cup that has been redesigned to make it easier for youngsters to drink. It has a weighted straw that makes drinking while sitting in a seat a breeze.

Link: http://lollaland.com/index.html


Nubrella is a re-design of the umbrella. It is a umbrella that can be used completely hands free and can be used in extreme wind situations. It is creative because it’s a completely new concept for rainy situations.

Link: http://www.nubrella.com/index.php


This is a little seat so that your cat can be independent. Once they are trained on this seat they can go to the bathroom alone. It’s creative because it’s not the normal way cats go to the bathroom. It also helps solve a problem for cat litter mess and clean up.

Link: http://www.citikitty.com/


This product is perfect for new guitar learners. The design makes it simple because the colored buttons help you strum the guitar. It is creative because it teaches a new way for people to learn a guitar. It makes a simple solution to a complicated device.

Link: http://chordbuddy.com/


Little kids have a harder time reaching the sink. This designer made it the facet water flow more towards the kids hands. It’s creative because it eases the life of a child and is a new design on the facet without changing it.

Link: http://peachyco.com/


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