5 Design Products Feb 10, 2014

The Cell Tankless Toilet


This is creative because it challenges the thrown design of a toilet. It is like a pod and it opens up just like a regular toilet. It is sleek and sophisticated for the rich customer. 

Link: http://www.yankodesign.com/2007/01/24/cell-the-tankless-toilet-by-sung-hoon-mun/

The Ultimate Wheel


This design is creative because it is different from any bike out in the market place. It has no handles, it doesn’t have two wheels and their is now gears. It is the unicycle to the next level. Although it’s not practical for the everyday user, it is great for the adventurous and quirky people. 

Link: http://funicycle.com/magasin/unicycles-c-1/ultimate-wheelspedalo-c-1_31/ultimate-wheel-blue-aluminum20-inch406mm-p-27.html

Copco–Bag Cap


Here is a product that I know I want. It is a bag saver. What makes this bag saver unique and creative is that it isn’t a clip. it makes sure that air doesn’t get out and destroy your chips and it is meant for smaller bags. 

Link: http://www.copco.com/store/site/department.cfm?dc=pw_bagc

The Cherry Seeder


I found this product randomly as I was researching this week. It is a cherry de-seeder. It is creative because it solves the problem of having seeds in one’s cherries. This device is quick and easy and makes eating cherries a breeze. 

Link: N/A

Paper Lashes


This product has been fascinating to me for a couple years, but I’m too scared to try it. They are paper lashes. They are mostly used for photo shoots and costume parties. They are creative because they don’t use plastics or hairlike material, they use paper. It is easy to dispose of and it is intricate and beautiful. 

Link: www.paperself.com


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