5 Creative Products Feb 17th, 2014

Buzzy Pain Relief System


I was thinking of ideas to make it easier on kids when they go to the doctor. I came up with the the idea to make a cute animal be the one to give the shot. It turns out a similar concept was just invented, patented and show on Shark Tank. It is creative because it solves the problem the pain that comes with shots.

Rapid Ramen Cooker

photo_1_1024x1024 (1)This is a creative product because it gets rid of the problem that most college aged people have. Having the right pot to cook ramen. This get’s rid the messy pots and pans and makes for an easy clean up. Now one can go for the even cheaper ramen, no problem, because of this unique microvable cooking pan.



I wish I could be a kid again making my own lunches with this new product. It is like a bento box in that it has different compartments and is washable. It doesn’t use cloth materials so it is easy to clean. It is creative because it is customizable to kid’s taste, it’s completely dishwasher safe, and it is sustainable.

DIY Crampon


This design is simple and easy to follow. It’s not necessarily a product, but more of an idea. It’s a Crampon. Since it is snowing so much theses days, it might be a good idea to create one of these. It is creative because it is innovative. It is creating a simpler solution to a pre-existing product.

Hot Dog Slicer 


This product is my favorite, and I actually own one. It’s a hot dog slicer. It gets rid of the problem of potentially choking on your hot dogs. Although I am past the point of choking on food, I use it for special recipes that use hot dogs. It’s creative because it’s cute, useful and it cuts hot dogs into smaller pieces effortlessly.


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