March 17th, 5 Creative Products

This week I wanted to focus on 5 creative camera designs/concepts. It will get me in the mood to film my final project.

Canon Snap


This design, by David Münscher, creates a new perspective for a camera. It’s on the ring of your finger and you just take it with a quick flick of the thumb. It’s creative because it gets rid of the bulkiness of the regular camera, and slims it down to almost nothing to create small camera.

Link: Canon Snap 

Flying Stick Camera


This camera is for those who like to see things from a bird’s-eye-view. It works by the kinetic energy from twirling it around with your hands. It’s creative because it’s another way that the camera can be used, it doesn’t always have to be a point-and-shoot.

Link: Flying Stick Camera

Flip up Camera


This camera is creative because it makes every image you take into a possible, framable picture. No need to print the photos or even buy a frame. All you need is the Samsung SS700 by Jin Woo Han.

Link: Frame Camera

Panoramic Camera


Sick of using your Iphone to take Panoramic photos. Look no further than the Panoramic Digital Camera, developed by Hye-Jeong Yang. It’s creative because it can capture everything from your vacation and string it together into one continuous picture.

Link: Panoramic Camera

USB Camera


This is the camera I want. The camera is it’s own memory card. All you have to do is click, load, and then see it on any monitor. It’s creatively simple!

Link: USB Camera


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