March 24, 2014 5 Creative Products

This week will focus on musical instruments because I’m finding inspiration for a studio project.


Cell Guitar


This car lets the user customize their sound with interlocking cells. It is creative because one can use it to make the noise that works best for them; they don’t have to use the set five strings that normal guitars have. 

Link: Cell Guitar

The Dube


It’s next generation of bongo drums. It’s creative because, instead of only having one option for the sound, the dube can be played on multiple sides. It’s great for jamming out and playing with friends. 

Link: The Dube



It’s a new instrumental keyboard. It lights up as you play it and actually helps the user compose and play music. 

Link: Dualo

The Kitar


This guitar is creative because it is interchangeable. It adjust to the needs of the user and has different sound settings. It is also lightweight and easy to build upon. 

Link: Kitar

The Curvy Keyboard 


This keyboard is a different shape from most. I think that’s what makes it  creative. It creates a new way of looking at and playing on a keyboard. The form is ergonomic so you don’t need a huge space to use it. 

Link: Keyboard 


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