5 Creative Products April 7th, 2014

This week I’ll focus on products that reduce waste 

Tide Pods Redesign


This packaging is creative because it gets rid of all the waste that it’s packaged with. Tide pods are designed to dissolve in the laundry water, and with this new design, you can tear off every last pod. 

Link: http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2013/01/the-disappearing-package-tide-pods.html

OXO pop containers 


These containers are creative because they have labeling on the side that is water soluable. This eliminates the waste of the stickers or packaging that would be needed in previous designs. 

Link: http://disappearingpackage.com/solutions/oxo/

Nivea Soap containers 


This packaging is creative because it allows the user to freely go in the shower. Some people forget to take their packaging off of their new soap but with it’s water soluble exterior, there’s no problem. 

Link: http://disappearingpackage.com/solutions/nivea/

Twinning’s Tea Bags


With this creative tea packaging, the consumer can just rip the tea bags off of the book like set up and enjoy their tea. It’s simple, yet as nice way to eliminate the box that tea bags usually come in. 

Link: http://disappearingpackage.com/solutions/twinings/


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