5 Creative Products April 14th, 2014

This week will focus on innovative packaging for certain products 



This packaging is creative because it gets rid of wasteful large plastic bottles and replaces it with a smaller replaceable packaging. It also lets the user interact with the cleaning process. Instead of going to the store constantly to buy this product, you’d only need to purchase the concentration a couple of times, making it even less wasteful. 

Link: http://www.myreplenish.com/


The New Clorox Bottles 


This packaging is creative because it allowed the company to use their same product, but be able to market it better. Instead of the straw to the spray bottle going straight down, it curves to the form of the bottle so it’s able to get every last drop. It’s just a simple thing that saves product and creates incentive for consumers to buy her product. 

Link: http://www.clorox.com/products/smart-tube-technology/


The Tea Cup


This mug gets every last drop of tea. It is creative because its solves the problem of having a wet tea bag and not knowing where to put it after the tea is steeped. Overall, I’d want one of these so that I can get all the flavor from my tea leaves. 

Link: http://design-milk.com/tea-cup-slingshot/

Glad Trash Bags


These trash bags are creative because they are helping to eliminate waste. They got rid of the box and now the packaging is just printed on the last bag. 

Link: http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2013/02/the-disappearing-package-glad-trash-bags.html



This product is creative because it creates a healthier solution to cooking. It 3-d prints food, and makes it simple for professionals to house moms alike to create nutritious food for their customers/families. 

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/456763017/designed-for-healthy-eating-foodini-a-3d-food-prin


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