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In Class Assignments (The Forgotten)

Here is the in-class assignments I forgot to upload

Alarm Clock


Pass Along Alarm Clock


Design Your Customer


Different Creative Thinking Techniques and Mullet Video Game






March 31st, 5 Creative Things

This week I will focus on backpack design

Pangoline Backpack


Inspired from the pangolin animal, comes this recycled tire backpack. It’s creative because more people just use tires to make their cars move. This designer thought why not combine two unlike things, to create this very practical thing, a backpack.

Link: Cool Backpack

Seat and Cooler Backpack


Picture this, you’re a parent, with two-three kids and you go to one of their soccer games. With that you have to bring snacks, water bottles, medicine, etc. Why not have a backpack that can carry all of that and also serve as a seat for your aching parental back. This is the creative product for you.

Link: Sporting Backpack

Meiosis Back Pack


This backpack is creative because id doesn’t involve zippers and it doesn’t look like the conventional backpack. It’s sleek yet ridged for your support.

Link: Turtle Backpack

Cork Board Backpack

This backpack isn’t made from the normal vinyl or cotton that normal backpacks are made from. It’s made from cork board. I’t creative because the creator when out at made a backpack from unconventional materials. Sometimes creativity is just in using a different substance than normal.


Link: Cork Backpack

The Flip Backpack


This backpack is great for those who are anal about things. There’s an organization place for everything and it is in a tight, simple packaging. This is creative because it just makes the backpack even easier to use. Even though this is only a concept, I’m sure it can be put into production someday.

Link: Backpack Concept

March 24, 2014 5 Creative Products

This week will focus on musical instruments because I’m finding inspiration for a studio project.


Cell Guitar


This car lets the user customize their sound with interlocking cells. It is creative because one can use it to make the noise that works best for them; they don’t have to use the set five strings that normal guitars have. 

Link: Cell Guitar

The Dube


It’s next generation of bongo drums. It’s creative because, instead of only having one option for the sound, the dube can be played on multiple sides. It’s great for jamming out and playing with friends. 

Link: The Dube



It’s a new instrumental keyboard. It lights up as you play it and actually helps the user compose and play music. 

Link: Dualo

The Kitar


This guitar is creative because it is interchangeable. It adjust to the needs of the user and has different sound settings. It is also lightweight and easy to build upon. 

Link: Kitar

The Curvy Keyboard 


This keyboard is a different shape from most. I think that’s what makes it  creative. It creates a new way of looking at and playing on a keyboard. The form is ergonomic so you don’t need a huge space to use it. 

Link: Keyboard 

March 17th, 5 Creative Products

This week I wanted to focus on 5 creative camera designs/concepts. It will get me in the mood to film my final project.

Canon Snap


This design, by David Münscher, creates a new perspective for a camera. It’s on the ring of your finger and you just take it with a quick flick of the thumb. It’s creative because it gets rid of the bulkiness of the regular camera, and slims it down to almost nothing to create small camera.

Link: Canon Snap 

Flying Stick Camera


This camera is for those who like to see things from a bird’s-eye-view. It works by the kinetic energy from twirling it around with your hands. It’s creative because it’s another way that the camera can be used, it doesn’t always have to be a point-and-shoot.

Link: Flying Stick Camera

Flip up Camera


This camera is creative because it makes every image you take into a possible, framable picture. No need to print the photos or even buy a frame. All you need is the Samsung SS700 by Jin Woo Han.

Link: Frame Camera

Panoramic Camera


Sick of using your Iphone to take Panoramic photos. Look no further than the Panoramic Digital Camera, developed by Hye-Jeong Yang. It’s creative because it can capture everything from your vacation and string it together into one continuous picture.

Link: Panoramic Camera

USB Camera


This is the camera I want. The camera is it’s own memory card. All you have to do is click, load, and then see it on any monitor. It’s creatively simple!

Link: USB Camera